Rhythmical Creation of Beauty in Words: A Review of ‘Pocket Poems’

“Poetry is a packsack of invisible keepsakes.”–Carl Sandburg

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Review and Comments:

Pocket Poems by Bobbi Katz is an anthology of 55 short poems that are both humorous and thought provoking. They cover subjects from nature themes to a twist on traditional stories like ‘Humpty Dumpty’, ‘The Old Woman in the Shoe’, and ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’. There is even a poem written in English and Spanish entitled “You – Tu.”  Teachers will find the poem using homophones and a few poems about punctuation marks good additions to English lessons.  My particular favorites are “The Drum” and [from]” Arithmetic.”  The poems are written by classic authors such as Emily Dickinson and Carl Sandburg along with contemporary authors like the author of the anthology, Bobbie Katz.

The colorful illustrations enhance the poems and lend a great deal of interest and fun to each page.  Readers will enjoy examining all the details.

These poems are perfect for children in kindergarten and first grade, but older children may enjoy them also.  They truly are poems that can be kept in a pocket and saved for another day.

Poem Themes

Animals:              The World’s Fastest Turtle, Seahorse and Sawhorse, Cat Profile; My Snake, Home Poem (or the Sad Dog Song), Maggy’s Dog, The Squirrel, A Robin

Nature:                 I’m Glad, Evening,  (from ) Night, Autmn, Jack Frost, Dragon Smoke, Call Me a Polar Bear, Aliona’s Street, (from) Spring Conversations

English Lessons:              (from) English is a Pain! (Pane?), The Period, The Question Mark, Keep a Poem in Your Pocket, A Pocket Poem

Traditional with a Twist:                Breakfast, Mary had Some Bubble Gum, Mary Had a Little Lamb, That’s the Way to do It!. Twinkle Twinkle, Dickery Dean, Higglety Pigglety Pop

School:               Writing on the Chalkboard, (from) Arithmetic,  Lunchbox, Brush Dance, Bedroom

Home:                  Window, To Start a Day Aliona’s Way, Aliona’s Says, Hop to It, Aliona’s Sees, Hurry, Home, Feet Talk, Moonwalker

Humorous:          Toothpaste,  Banananananananana, The Burp, At the Bike Rack, Silly Aliona, Raising Frogs for Profit, The Dog Show

Self Discovery:   Robert Who is Often a Stanger to Himself, Did You Ever Think?, The Drum, January, Feet Talk

 English/Spanish: You – Tu

 Possible Issues:

There are no concerns with this book.

Further Discussion:

  1. A Poem a Week. Post a poem on a poster each week.  During the week practice reading the poem as groups or individuals, identify the rhyming words (if applicable) and make a list of other words that rhyme with the poem, memorize the poem, illustrate the poem or make a booklet about the poem by writing a stanza or line on each page and illustrate each.

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