Come Before Him in Thanksgiving: A List of Blessings

“Let us come before Him in thanksgiving and extol him with music and song.  For the Lord is the great God, the great King above all gods.”—Psalm 95:2-3

My mother did an activity with her grandchildren this year by building a tree of thankfulness.  Each day they would come up with an idea for something they were thankful for and add it as a leaf.  It was a great way for the kids to visually reflect on all of their gifts.

IMG_0639How can we reflect on all we are thankful for this time of year?  Read some reflections from our loved ones below.

“I am thankful that God loves me every day and has forgiven me over and over again.  I am grateful for the husband God chose for me and for sending me two wonderful sons, their wives, and my grandchildren.  I am thankful for the talents I have, for the Catholic family I was born into, for my friends and for the many jobs I have had in my lifetime.  I am grateful for the trials I was allowed to go through so I would grow through them.  I am grateful for God’s perfect plan for my life.”—Kathleen, age 67

“For my baby and my parents.”—Tessa, age 19

“Pretty flowers—roses and daisies and lilies

Butterflies and rainbows

Mommy and Daddy

Grandmas and Grandpas

Aunts and uncles

My house


Jesus”—Lily, age 4

“We are thankful for our good memories of past Thanksgivings, our family and children.  We are especially thankful for our upcoming grandchildren and the strength for the challenges this year and all the good graces and blessings that come our way.”—Chris and Mike, ages 63 and 61

“Firemen and Animals”—Wyatt, age 3

“Here’s my list of things I am thankful for:

That God loved me so much He created me

My Baptism

My Catholic upbringing and therefore my mom and dad for being such faithful examples.

Teresa and our married life

Our children, their health, and their faith

Our grandchildren

My siblings


Health”—Terry, age 59

“I am thankful for our Jesus and for the hug and kiss I get to give Him when I see Him in heaven.”—Elizabeth, age 5


Let us all remember to be thankful for our many blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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