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An Interview with a New Author: Monica Lee Kennedy

Lit by the Tree is so lucky to have gotten the opportunity to interview a great new author.  Monica Lee Kennedy has just written her first fantasy trilogy, “The Parting Breath Series”.  Aside from being a beautiful person, her trilogy is not to be missed! Tomorrow we will post our review of the first book, so be sure to come back and check it out.  Today, we are happy to learn more about Ms. Kennedy!DSC01883

Can you describe the kind of audience you intend for “The Parting Breath Series”?

I wrote this series for high schoolers and above. I wanted to create a series that was entertaining and fun, and could appeal to both adults and young adults alike.

What inspired you to write this book? Can you tell us more about the rest of the upcoming trilogy?

I love reading. I love stories. I love language. These things have formed me and taught me and continue to stretch and change me. I think my desire to write flowed naturally from them, because I wanted to be part of all the beauty, part of all the fun. Continue reading An Interview with a New Author: Monica Lee Kennedy