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Run and Find Out!: A Review of “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi”

“To have courage for whatever comes in life – everything lies in that.” – St. Teresa of Avila

Reading Level

Grades 3-5    [according to Scholastic which reflects the grade level at which a student reading on grade could read the book independently.]

5.0    [AR]

Review and Comments

Rikki-tikki-tavi is a young mongoose who is welcomed into an English family after being separated from his own family during a terrible storm.  The father seems to know a lot about mongooses, and he assures his wife and son that it is a good thing to have a mongoose close by because they kill snakes.  This proves true when Rikki-tikki saves the young son from a deadly snake soon after he arrives.  The danger for the family is not over however. Rikki-tikki e and his adopted family soon experience life-threatening encounters with a pair of deadly adversaries. Continue reading Run and Find Out!: A Review of “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi”

A Time to Gather: A Review of ‘Blueberries for Sal’

“All look to You in hope and You feed them with the food of the season. And, with generous hand, You satisfy the desires of every living creature.” Psalm 145: 15-16

Reading Level: Grades K-1 (according to common core)

Grades 4.1 (according to Scholastic – reflects the grade level at which a student reading on grade could read the book independently]

Review and Comments:

It is that time of year when the promise of a new season is in the air and thoughts of gathering food for winter begin. The blueberries are ripe on Blueberry Hill so Sal and her mother decide it is the perfect time to gather a bountiful harvest.  Mother makes good progress and fills her pail quickly.  Sal however discovers berries are the best when they go directly into her mouth and completely skip her pail. Mother is preoccupied while gathering berries, so tired Sal finally settles herself in the midst of bushes bursting with blueberries. Continue reading A Time to Gather: A Review of ‘Blueberries for Sal’