A Blessed Time: A Review of ‘The Moment is Now’

“Pray, hope, and don’t worry.  Worry is useless.  God is merciful and will hear your prayer.”—St Padre Pio

Review and Thoughts

*I am so excited to be able to review this book.  It comes out today!  I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy.  Please share and spread the word for this lovely author!*

I spent the majority of my twenties as a single woman.  There were a few romances along the way, one or two that broke my heart, but most of my time was alone.  Waiting, wondering, praying and hoping for my husband to find me.  I’m pretty sure I prayed every Catholic novena, some with my other single friends and many on my own and I prayed every night for my husband…wherever he was.

As I struggled to understand this single period of my life, I had a hard time watching my friends get married, have children, and move on with their lives while I continued to wait.  I longed for answers and guidance and I prayed for companionship.  I realize now that this was a time of growth and maturity for me in so many different aspects of my life, but it was a hard time for me.  This is why I was intrigued by prospect of the new book, The Moment is Now: Do More than Just Survive Your Single Years, Practical Tips to Live them for God’s Glory even though I am now married with children.

Lisa Hunt, the author of The Moment is Now, connects really well with women.  As she discussed her fears and hopes and concerns for the future, I remembered my own as well.  The great thing about this book is that she doesn’t dwell on those feelings.  She presents them, because they are real and true feelings, but then she provides opportunities that people should be taking advantage of while they are blessed with their singleness.

Honestly, I wish I’d had this book when I was struggling.  Her approach is incredibly real.  She remains real and true to Catholic teaching.  Her biggest focus is on using the single time to focus on other things that God calls us to do.  She challenges people to really pray about his or her vocation; to be open to all options.  She encourages spiritual direction from a priest or other trained spiritual director.  She wants someone to push readers to empower themselves and to become closer to God at every opportunity.

She also inspires readers to look at the more simple things in their lives like taking care of their bodies, finances, friendships, and faith.  She fosters the idea that this is the time for adventure.  Singleness allows for people to take whatever kind of adventures he or she longs for and live life fully all the time.  She also points out that this is a beautiful time to do great things for others!  Missionary work may really call to some people…and there is no better time to do it than when you don’t have a family.

What she writes most strongly about though is that people should not focus solely on the fact that they are doing something until they meet the right person.  Yes, this is a time to focus on you and God, but these things should not change when someone meets his or her life-long partner.  These are lessons that should be continued and brought into a relationship.

I thought The Moment Is Now was a great book for those living the single life.  I can imagine the great good that it will do for so many.  Please share the book with someone you may know who looking for their vocation.  The moment IS now for them.  Don’t let it be wasted!

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