Fun at the Beach: A Review of ‘Henry and Mudge and the Forever Sea’

“Come to the beach, where the sea is blue, and little white waves come running at you. A wave comes splashing, over your toes. You just stand still, and away it goes. We’ll build a castle down by the sea, and look for shells if you’ll come with me.”  – Anonymous

Reading Level

Grades 2-3

AR 2.5 (0.5 points)

Interest Level


Possible Concerns

There are no concerns with this book.

Review and Comments

Henry and Mudge and the Forever Sea is the sixth book in a series of twenty-eight beginning chapter books for emerging readers.   In this particular episode, Henry, his dad, and his pet dog, Mudge, spend a fun filled day the beach. 

“The ocean was waiting.  It was blue and white and forever.”

When they finally arrive they immediately run for the water.  Henry and Dad are very brave playing in the big waves, but Mudge isn’t quite so sure about the surf.  He prefers the beach and a nice snooze in the sand.   Besides the water fun, Dad and Henry build a sand castle and eat hot dogs and snow cones. There is a bit of excitement when a large, unexpected wave covers the castle and loyal Mudge bravely rescues Dad’s favorite red lobster. Their day ends with a pleasant walk on the beach.  It is definitely a father-son-dog day to remember.

“At the end of the day it was time to say good-bye to the ocean.”

This book is a very good choice for beginning readers who are ready for chapter books.  The vocabulary is appropriate and the pictures are fun.  A wholesome story about a father- son relationship is wonderful at any reading level!

Further Discussion


  1. Create a timeline of Henry’s and Mudge’s beach activities.
  2. Draw a beach picture using different media (Examples: water colors, sand paper, textured or patterned paper, cotton, etc.)
  3. Design a t-shirt for the beach.


  1. Henry, Father, and Mudge each brought special items to the beach for the day.  What items would you bring to the beach?  [Don’t forget sun screen!] Design and draw a large beach bag.  Glue pictures of your items on the back of the beach bag.
  2. Write a story about what you would do at the beach.
  3. Write a story about what you and your pet dog like to do together.


Learn the names of the 4 oceans.  Label the names of the oceans on a world map.

Crab Information:

  1. Read “Fun Crab Facts for Kids”
  2. Read “Fish and Kids” from Marine Stewardship Council. It’s simple and appropriate for this age level.
  3. Read “Interesting facts about crabs” from Just Fun Facts. It also includes photographs.


“What are sea waves? How are waves formed in the ocean?”

Catholic Resources

Genesis 1: 9-10, 20-21:  Then God said: Let the water under the sky be gathered into a single basin, so that the dry land may appear. And so it happened: the water under the sky was gathered into its basin, and the dry land appeared.God called the dry land “earth,” and the basin of water he called “sea.” God saw that it was good. Then God said: Let the water teem with an abundance of living creatures, and on the earth let birds fly beneath the dome of the sky. God created the great sea monsters and all kinds of crawling living creatures with which the water teems, and all kinds of winged birds. God saw that it was good, and God blessed them, saying: Be fertile, multiply, and fill the water of the seas; and let the birds multiply on the earth.

CCC 299 … Because creation comes forth from God’s goodness, it shares in that goodness – “And God saw that it was good. . . very good”- for God willed creation as a gift addressed to man, an inheritance destined for and entrusted to him. On many occasions the Church has had to defend the goodness of creation, including that of the physical world.

CCC 2402 In the beginning God entrusted the earth and its resources to the common stewardship of mankind to take care of them, master them by labor, and enjoy their fruits…