20 Of the Best Board Books for Catholic Babies & Toddlers

20 Catholic Board Books

Obviously we feel that there is no better gift to give a child than that of a book.  And what better way to start a child’s life than with plenty of good Catholic board books!  Perfect for Baptism, First Christmas, First Birthday and other major events in the first couple of years, these books teach valuable lessons, prayers, different aspects of our faith, and Jesus’s love for his children.  These books are not to be missed!

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 Everybody has a Body, Every Body is  Gift, Every Body is Smart

A little series that brings Saint John Paul II’s Theology of the Body down to the comprehension level of a toddler.  Told in simple sentences, kids begin to realize what a wonderful gift they can be to the world.  Read the full review with some great activities here.

Angels Surround Us (and other St. Joseph Rattle Board Books)

A fun book with an easy to hold thumb slot and and a rattle.  The board is incredibly durable and the pictures are bright and colorful.

Catholic Baby’s First Prayers

My kids love this book and we read it once a day.  It has wonderful pictures with great detail.  There are short prayers on each page with morning prayers and night prayers kids can say before bed.  The handle on the binding makes it fun for the kids to carry around.  On a personal note, my kids love that there is an older sister and young brother because they see themselves in this book.

Our Friend’s the Saints (and other St. Joseph Board Books)

This book has a short once sentence bio of a saint on each page.  It covers some of the most popular saints and includes his or her feast day.  This is a series of board books with simple information on each page.  All of the books in the series have a little handle on top which make it easy for kids to hold (especially when they might carry it to mass to look at).

My First Prayers with Mary (and the other ‘My First Prayer Books’)

Each page of this book has a short prayer to Mary and a picture of Mary.  Many of the pictures show Mary with the child Jesus which makes it easy for kids to relate to her.

My First Bedtime Prayers for Boys and My First Bedtime Prayers for Girls

Short, simple, to the point.  It’s perfect for very young kids with it’s bright pictures and handle.

Noah’s Ark (and other Baby’s First Bible Books)

Each little book in this series tells one story from the bible in the simplest way.  It’s a great way for kids to become familiar with the stories.

Thank you God for Mommy and Thank you God for Daddy

Such cute books in which the child thanks God for the gift of his mother and father.  They list the special characteristics of moms and dads and kids can relate to it very well.

Baby’s First Prayers

An adorable and simple little book for babies.  There are bright simple colors on each page with pictures of family.  There are very few pages and is a great read right before bedtime.

God Bless You and Good Night

Another great book for kids before bedtime.  There are cute animal pictures and it’s a calming read.

I Prayed for You

This is such a sweet story for any parent to read to their child.  Whether you are expanding your family or just wanting to let your child know how precious they are, this one is for you.

God Gave Us You

One of my favorites in this series of books by Lisa T. Bergren, God Gave Us You is a great way to remind your child how special he or she is.  They  are told what a gift they are through the entire story.

The Little Golden Bible Storybook

A great little beginner bible for kids.  All of the illustrations are simple and bright.  The most popular bible stories make an appearance, each story is very short.

On the Night You Were Born

This isn’t necessarily a “Catholic” board book, but it is a beautiful book for children.  It celebrates each individual child and his or her impact on the world.  

God Made Wonderful Me!

A short and simple board book about God and his creation of each child.  It focuses on the different attributes of children and how God has created them to be special and unique.

The Lost Sheep

A cute and simple retelling of Jesus’s  parable.  It’s a cute way to share Jesus’s love for each child.